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When it comes to heating your house or building, you may want to ensure that you are actually heating your home.  Heat escapes through windows, walls, chimneys, and attics and that heat loss can add up to 50% or more of your total energy use.

Thermal Imaging raleighBy the use of thermal imaging, Future Connections Electrical can help you discover and minimize the heat loss that comes from poor design, construction or insulation in your home or commercial building, which ends up costing you more on utility bills and in comfort.

Future Connections Electrical’s special thermal imaging cameras detect and locate heat loss sources that aren’t visible to the naked eye. By surveying inside and outside of your home with our infrared thermal imaging cameras, we can find where improvements need to be made to help reduce your energy consumption.  Gaps in insulation in walls, windows and roofs can help you address your heat losses and make corrections that are pin-pointed to the problem.

Why You Need Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can also serve as a preventative measure. It can help our Raleigh electricians find issues that could be dangerous to you and your home. These issues include:

  • Loose circuit connections
  • Overheating circuits
  • Motor issues
  • Hot spots in the electrical panel of the home

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