Severe weather, floods and fire can impair your electrical service in serious and sometimes dangerous ways.  Future Connections can help! Our Raleigh electricians work hard to get your electrical back on as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure your family is safe.   Here are the steps to take when disaster strikes:

  • Call 9-1-1.  The first priority is getting first responders to the scene.  Live electrical wires, burnt wires, or snapping wires are all very serious and can cause bodily harm or death.  Do not try to manage any of these situations on your own.  Call for immediate assistance. If the storm took down major power lines, your local electricity company is responsible for reconnecting those power lines. Power lines have to be restored before our Raleigh electricians can restore the electrical connections at your house or business.
  • Call Future Connections for 24/7 emergency response to restore the electrical connections to your home or business.  Once everyone is safe and power lines are restored, Future Connections will come and check out any electrical hazards, damaged meters, and broken connections. Only qualified electricians should handle electrical restoration and wiring.

24/7 Electrical Restoration in Raleigh

Future Connections is committed to handling all your electrical restoration needs safely and quickly. If you experience electrical damage from fire, water, or natural disaster, call our Raleigh electricians at . We offer 24 hour emergency service to restore your electrical service.  If we can get there through the storm and debris, we will be there!

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