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raleigh residential electricians Do you know how much energy your home uses?  Do you know how much you could save in energy costs by identifying and fixing the areas of the home that waste energy?  An energy survey performed by our Raleigh electricians can help you figure out where in your home you are wasting energy. One of our experienced residential electricians will do a walk-through of your home, and identify opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your home.  You may have energy losses in the following areas:

  • Through the roof, from too little insulation, areas that don’t have enough insulation, vents, holes or uncapped, poorly dampened chimneys
  • Through the walls, from the settling of blown in insulation, holes, poorly insulated electrical boxes on the exterior walls
  • Through doors that don’t seal well or have single pane glass
  • Through windows that don’t seal well, are single pane, not low-E glass, or are in need of caulk repair
  • Through crawl spaces that are not insulated or are poorly insulated
  • Through garage doors that don’t seal well or are not insulated properly
  • From inefficient appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, heating and cooling units or space heaters
  • From old thermostats that don’t automatically adjust the heat settings down at night
  • From hot water tanks that have not been properly drained and cleaned, or that are old and inefficient
  • From using lighting fixtures that are not LED

Our energy efficiency professionals will:

  • Survey your home with thermal imaging to find hot spots, faulty wires, and areas where heat and air is escaping, causing energy bills to cost more than they should.
  • Review your lighting and outlets
  • Review your electrical wiring
  • Check your thermostat
  • Review your heating and cooling systems including the sealing of ductwork
  • Review your appliances for age and efficiency
  • Make suggestions that would result in energy savings for you that make sense

After finding all the areas where energy efficiency can be improved in your home, our Raleigh residential electricians will talk with you about your home’s energy consumption and what solutions are available to you.  Future Connections can upgrade your lighting to energy efficient LED lighting, re-wire your house, adjust your thermostat, and offer plenty of energy-savings solutions that are friendly to both the environment and your wallet.

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