Do you know what to do if the electrical meter or meter stack on the outside of your home becomes damaged by falling trees, inclement weather, or serious accident?   Call a professional!  Most meters have very high volts of electricity running through them – powerful enough to melt rock in an instant.  When your home suffers from meter or meter stack damage, it is the homeowners responsibility to have them repaired.   Call Future Connections Electrical!  We have emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If we can get to you, we will assist you! electrical meter repair in raleigh

If you start hearing weird noises or the smell of burnt plastic around your main service panel, call a professional!  Some older panels, no longer produced for the public due to safety issues, are still in use in older homes, and could pose a safety risk. Have Future Connections Electrical examine the panel and assess possible hot spots with modern technology.  Replacing a main service panel is much less costly than replacing your home and its contents.

Sometimes an electrical line to your house can snap due to heavy ice or damage.  Don’t call Future Connections Electrical, please call the electrical company.  They will reconnect a snapped line free of charge.  However, if you need a Raleigh electrician to repair the weatherhead and insulator, the meter box, service entrance cables or the main service panel, we want to be there for you.  Call a qualified electrician from Future Connections Electrical at 919-854-1556.  We are experienced in all types home electrical repair.

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If you experience damage to your electrical meter, or just need routine maintenance, schedule your appointment or call our experienced electricians in Raleigh. Emergency service is available 24/7.

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