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Lower Your Raleigh Electric Bills This Summer!

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As you may know, when the summer weather hits, your electricity bill usually increases. This leads to people keeping their AC units off for as long as possible. However, why not be able to turn on your air conditioner so that you stay comfortable all year long by reducing your electric bill to make up […]

Energy Conservation from Your Lights

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Switching to energy-efficient lighting can save the average house roughly 75% of energy usage. There are a lot of small changes your lifestyle that make a big difference in your annual expenses. Our residential electricians in Raleigh can help you upgrade your lighting to energy-efficient bulbs, and offer you some tips on how to keep […]

Water and Electricity Sometimes Do Mix

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“Green” living has become the popular coined term for making your home, business, or other facility eco-friendly. Over the past few years, we have seen companies search for different ways to make their commercial facility eco-friendly and cheaper to operate. One way is to “Go Green” by pairing electricity and water usage to create savings. […]

Fall Savings Tips for Lighting

With the start of fall comes cooler weather, getting darker earlier, and the electricity bills get higher. With the longer dark hours, the lights come on more often and for longer periods of time. Typically, you think fall and winter means that your electricity bill goes up, but that doesn’t have to be the case. […]

10 Benefits of LED Lighting

As technology is always advancing, and “living green” has become the trend of the future, LED lighting has become continuously popular in both residential and commercial settings. So is it worth switching to LED lighting in your home or business? Here are 10 benefits of using LED lights over regular bulbs. Efficiency – LED lights […]

Case Study: Lighting Upgrade at Local Church

This Raleigh church approached us because they wanted to have less maintenance on their lights and save energy. It was important to them to not sacrifice the amount of light at the entrance since they having regular events in the evenings for their parishioners. They will see a decrease in their power bill the very first month because they switched to LED lights.

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