As you may know, when the summer weather hits, your electricity bill usually increases. This leads to people keeping their AC units off for as long as possible. However, why not be able to turn on your air conditioner so that you stay comfortable all year long by reducing your electric bill to make up for the difference?  All you have to do is remember three things: Vampires, Ice Cream, and Poker Parties — easy right?

Vampire Power: Reduce your Electricity Bill

Appliances and Electronics that Drain Your Home Electricity

There are plenty of people that use power without even realizing it. This is because some of your appliances and electronics will drain electricity from your home, even if they are not turned on. These types of appliances and electronics are “vampires.” You can spot a vampire if it has a light that is always on or a clock or any type of charger– even if it isn’t charging anything. Now, it could seem like an inconvenience to constantly plug and unplug everything, so instead, try using a surge protector. Or, you can plug these types of appliances in to outlets that can be shut off so that they are not draining power when they aren’t in use.

Program your Thermostat

Many people have programmable thermostats but never take the time to actually program it. By programming your thermostat, you could save up to 10% a year on your cooling bills.

Run Full Loads and Change the Settings

Always make sure that the dishwasher or washing machine has a full load. You will use the same amount of energy for a half full or full load — so you might as well be getting the most bang for your buck. Also, consider changing your settings on these appliances. For example, many dishwashers have the dry cycle automatically programmed for when you hit “normal wash” or whatever your specific appliance reads. Yet, you can shut off this feature and let evaporation work in your favor by leaving the dishwasher opened so that they can dry, or you could hand dry them as you take them out — the choice is yours. Also, make sure that your washing machine is set to cold wash. Now, with such increases in detergents and cleaning supplies, you do not need to clean your whites in hot water. Give cold water a try!

Ice Cream: Alternative Methods To Cool Down

When you are outside in the heat and come indoors, it seems to be a common behavior to turn the temperature way down to cool down faster. Yet, while your home may be suitable for penguins and you are bound to cool down pretty quick, it is costing you (a lot of) money. Instead of lowering the ac, try taking a cold shower instead. Or, have a cool beverage, ice cream, or try a cool compress on the back of your neck.

Unplug and Enjoy The Real World : Poker Night

Another way to cut your electric bill is by unplugging yourself from electronics. The more you use your electronics, the more they will need to be charged. Try spending time playing a board game or have friends over to play poker or a game of cards. The possibilities are endless!

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