Light emitting diode (LED) lighting retrofits are THE latest hot commodity!   LED retrofitting means that you are replacing your older incandescent, fluorescent, or high-intensity discharge lighting with modern  lighting technology so that you may increase energy efficiency and the overall light quality in the given space.

Benefits of Retrofitting to a LED Light System

There are many reasons that people and businesses choose to retrofit their lighting system. In many cases, the reason revolves around energy efficiency. Not only are people becoming more and more eco-friendly, but it also saves money on monthly energy bills. Reduced energy use means reduced costs. Also, there may be tax incentives and power utility rebates that you may be able to receive.

The Value in Retrofit LED

For the best financial return, consider energy efficient LED lighting. A retrofit from Future Connections will usually offer a return of capital (ROC) in less than three years, depending on the lighting configuration chosen.

LED retrofits have many benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Retrofits of homes or businesses, on average, see energy savings of between 30 – 50% and sometimes as high as 90%, especially when replacing high-intensity discharge lighting. Start saving money now and call us to assess your situation and estimate your energy savings with a retrofit!
  • Less Maintenance: When you retrofit with a LED lighting system, you can plan for lower to near-zero maintenance expenses.
  • More Eco-Friendly: Because LED lights are more energy efficient, retrofitting your home or business would also decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Improved Lamp Life: Most LED lights will come with superior warranties. Some warranties last as long as10 years!
  • Better Light: LED lights are known to offer a brighter and better quality of light color temperatures. There are choices in “warm white”, “pure white”, and “cool light”.
  • Possible Tax Incentives & Rebates: You may qualify for local tax incentives and rebates for retrofitting your home or business. Contact Future Connections for more information.

Retrofit Kits & How to Retrofit Your Lighting System

Retrofit kits are commonly used to change lighting. These kits consist of brackets, sockets, wiring, screws, and fasteners. These kits are for situations where the lighting system has a satisfactory layout and design, but you want to make the system more energy efficient. You should consider a retrofit, as opposed to a redesign because it is much more cost effective.

Selection of Color Temperature

Keep in mind that LEDs aren’t perfect.  Every diode has a slight variation on their color temperature.  The cheaper and less quality LEDs have a fairly wide color temperature range, as much as 500 degrees K.  This is pretty significant when you want consistent lighting appearance.  High quality LEDs has a tighter range, often with just 150 degrees K difference. Unexpected variations in light color temperatures can turn out to be quite noticeable depending upon how the LED is used.  “Warm” is best for areas that need low light intensity such as in bedrooms, lounges, restaurants, lobbies and reception areas.  “Pure” is best for light intense applications such as surgical lights, indoor photography, laundry, printing, indoor grow lights, offices, stores, factories and schools.  “Cool” is for those special applications that need high light intensity and good color rendition such as in art galleries, museums, and jewelry showcases.

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