Are you looking to upgrade the sign for your neighborhood? Or, do you need to add lights to your current HOA sign? As the entrance to your HOA is the first thing that visitors see when coming to your community, having a grand HOA sign is essential. Not only are you looking to offer a favorable impression to first time visitors but also please your neighbors living in the community. These HOA members will be looking at the entrance every day they drive home from work, after picking the kids up from school, coming home from the grocery store, or back home from a night on the town. Regardless the reason, the HOA sign will be viewed by many people and at all different times of the day. The HOA sign in your community should be beautiful, welcoming, and readable, which can all be done with the right lighting! Here are a few things to consider:

Best HOA Sign Lights LED
Front Entrance Lights

If you do not currently have an HOA sign or if it is poorly lit or has outdated lighting that glares in your eyes, it is time for an update. Your community should have a sign that features landscaped signs, proudly showing the name of your development or community. One of the key features to these grand signs are the lighting, which welcomes guests, visitors, and current residents into the community. These entrance HOA signs can be lit with a combination of uplighting and downlighting. Let Future Connections Electrical, Inc. help you with your HOA lighting. We are not just a team of talented electricians, but a team of artists & designers ready to help you display your neighborhood.

Invest in LED HOA Sign Lights

When you are considering an HOA sign, one of the most important things to consider is cost. LED Lights use only a fraction of the electricity used with halogen or incandescent bulbs. Another cost factor to consider is the amount you have to spend on replacement bulbs. While halogen lights need to be replaced once a year, LED lights are replaced when they start to fail. LED lights are known to last 50,000 hours or more, which equates to roughly 5.7 years. Not only are you saving money by having longer lasting bulbs, you save the cost of hiring someone to come and replace them. Please know in advance that LED lights do cost more than halogen lights initially, yet with your reduced energy usage and longer lasting lights, you will be saving money in the long run.

One of the biggest concerns most people have is that LED lights are blueish and they are not warm and welcoming. However, there have been huge advancements in LED lighting in the past few years, where now LED lighting can offer the same benefits as halogen– warm colors.

Importance of Design When Using LED Lights

Light pollution is a concern of most members of the community, and therefore important to the HOA committee members making this decision. LED lighting seems to have a reputation for shining in windows, glaring, and polluting the night sky. However, this is not fault of the LED lights themselves, but the installers & designers. The key to outdoor landscape lighting is using downlighting. Every light must have a purpose and more lights does not necessarily mean better sign. It’s a matter of knowing where and how to put the HOA sign lighting and using a combination of colors, temperatures, and angles.

Let Future Connections Electrical, Inc. Do Your LED Lights

For your HOA sign, leave the lighting to the professionals at Future Connections. We offer a variety of landscape lighting options that can make your neighborhood sign welcoming to all residents, guests, and visitors. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect lighting for your community and your budget. Also, after we install your HOA sign lighting system, we will always be there to change the LED bulbs (when they do burn out) and for any other lighting services you may need. Call us today at to get the HOA sign lighting that you want for your great community.