As you may have seen the commercials, Ring doorbells allow you to “see who’s there, from anywhere.” These video doorbells allow you to not only see who is at your door but also communicate with them, whether you are on the back porch or on the other side of town.

Watch this video by Ring to see how the Ring doorbell works:

How Do Ring’s Video Doorbells Work?

The actual doorbell, placed on the outside of your home looks like a normal doorbell. Yet, in addition to the button you press to ring the bell, it also has a camera. Whether the doorbell is used or not, there are built in motion sensors that will detect any activity and send a mobile alert to your phone. This video doorbell gives you peace of mind through its monitoring capabilities, where you are able to see what is happening outside of your home when you are away.

Ring Doorbells Provide More Security

These doorbells allow you to have an extra layer of security at your home. While ADT and other security systems notify the police and/or start an alarm when your home is already broken in to, Ring door bells are designed to help prevent the burglary from the get go. They allow you see who is at your doorstep and communicate with them, making it unclear if you are home or not. Yet, regardless you still have the ability to call the police and notify them of a break in if you see that the burglar has decided to break into your home . In many cases, before a robbery, the thief will ring the doorbell to make sure that no one is home. Then, when no one is there, they can break a window or check out the back of the home to find a way in to steal whatever goods they are looking for. The Ring doorbell introduces a new level of safety in your home through its ability to notify you of a person or activity on your property and offering a way to see and speak to anyone at your doorstep. This innovative technology allows you to answer your door, when you are home alone at night, with the security of knowing you are safe and comfortable.

Safety and Security in Your Raleigh Home

On average, there are roughly 1 million burglaries per year in the United States of America. Of these burglaries, most of them happen when the people that live there are not home. By speaking and seeing the people at your doorstep, you can help decrease your chances of burglary by deterring the robber.

Features of the Ring Doorbell

  • HD Camera: The HD Cameral allows you to clearly see who is at your doorstep. Many cameras come in fuzzy or blurry so that you may not be able to make out who is at your home. Maybe it is a neighbor or a visitor dropping by for a surprise visit or maybe it is someone trying to break into your home. Then, if you need to screen shot the person at your home, a HD camera allows you to see face and physical features more clearly.
  • Motion Detection: These motion detectors work to send you notifications at any movement within a selected area of your home. From the door bell, the different areas are on so that you always know what is going on outside of your home, even if you are accross town!
  • Microphone: The microphone offers you the ability to hear the person on your doorstep. You know what they are saying and can have a conversation with the person from any location.
  • LED Ring: These light patterns offer insigts into the device’s funtionality.
  • Speakers: The speakers on the video doorbell allow the visitor to hear you. All words will come through clearly so that not a word is missed!
  • Faceplate Finishes: Select from a variety of colors to include the following- Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Polished Brass, or Venetian Bronze.

Along with these many features, these wifi- video doorbells are accessible through your smart phone, allowing you to have a conversation with visitors from any location.  The free Ring app can be used on iPhones or Androids and you can use the Cloud Recording to video record footage.

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