Losing power always comes at the most inconvenient time. You never know when a large storm will hit and take out your power or if your area will have a power shortage. At Future Connections, we understand the importance of having power all the time in both your home and business. We will make sure that in the event of a power outage, your generator is capable of supplying an ample amount of energy to keep things running.

Standby Generators in Raleigh

With the recent increase in powerful storms up and down the East Coast, a standby generator can come in very handy. Storms like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Matthew disrupted power for more than 8 million customers and left millions of families out in the cold as temperatures dropped.

Standby generators offer a solution to extended power outages. They provide uninterrupted backup power for days, unlike portable generators. Once the system detects that you have been disconnected from your utility grid, the generator starts up and transfers its power to the home’s electrical panel automatically. These generators can run on natural gas, liquid propane or diesel. When municipal power resumes the switch shuts down the generator and reconnects your house or business to the grid. You will never have to worry about extreme weather affecting your power supply.

Future Connections Electrical specializes in home generator installation and maintenance. Our electricians are certified and licensed to install and service your whole home generators with the best service and at a great price.

Raleigh Whole Home Generator Maintenance

Currently, our lives revolve around having power, from being able to work to using power to relax at home. When you think about a power outage, you may think the only consequence is the inconvenience of having to live without power for a few days. A blackout, however, can also result in costing you thousands in home repairs.

However, what if the power outage hits and the generator doesn’t turn on?

Future Connections Electrical won’t leave you alone in the dark. We are very experienced in whole house generator maintenance and service, and we will make certain that your generator is in great working shape the next time a huge storm blows through.

Professional Generators and Installation in the Raleigh Area

When you need a whole house generator installed or repaired, it’s important to call an experienced and certified electrician. Trying to install or repair a generator by yourself can cause damages that are dangerous to you and your electrical wiring. Want to learn more about generators and installation? Contact Future Connections Electrical today by calling 919-854-1556 or fill out our contact form to get started.