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Future Connections Electrical, Inc. has been serving Raleigh and the surrounding areas with outstanding electrical work since 1996. We are committed to providing top quality electrician services and customer service to every person, family, and business with which we work.

What Can Future Connections Do for You?

Raleigh Electrician Our electrical technicians are experienced in a variety of electrical needs that your home or business will need. Whether you’re looking for energy savings for your business, new wiring for your home theater system, emergency electrical repairs, or any kind of electrical service or repairs, Future Connections is ready and excited to provide you with superior service.

Future Connections holds an unlimited electrical license and we provide 24-hour service. We are fully insured to provide electrician services to homes and businesses within 50 miles of Raleigh. We pride ourselves on safety and providing electrical work that is up-to-code. Our attention to fine detail and safety regulations means that we guarantee our work and our list of residential, commercial, and industrial work shows our expertise. 

Along with that, educating our customers is something we take a huge amount of pride in. Whether we’re touching on the benefits of LED lighting,  electrical safety tips, or how to stay prepared during a power outage, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to keep an eye out for new content updated to our articles section.

We are fully committed to providing our clients with top-notch electrician services that are offered at some of the most affordable prices around. We make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with all our services, which include all kinds of electrician installation, electrician repairs, and electrician replacement services. 

Raleigh Electrical Contractor

We offer:

As a homeowner or a landlord, it can be tempting to try electrical repairs or to troubleshoot progressing problems yourself when electrical difficulties show up on your property. However, many electrical problems call for the services of a well-versed, licensed electrician, not only to ensure that all the work is done well but to ensure that the work is completed in the safest possible manner.

Your home is your retreat, and your Raleigh electricians at Future Connections Electrical are passionate to ensure your electrical repairs are done efficiently, safely, and up to code. We are prepared and well-versed for any viable electrical repair that you might have in your home.

Exposed wires, circuit breaker problems, and dead outlets are just a handful issues that can cause issues and setbacks in your house. 

Electrical setbacks in your home or business are never convenient, and you certainly can’t count on them to happen during regular business hours. When your lights go out, you need service immediately. 

When you call Future Connections Electrical in Raleigh for emergency electrician services, you can be certain that you will receive prompt and respectful customer service, an experienced assessment, a cost-effective estimate, and top-quality electrical work that will get you back in service in no time at all. Our fully licensed technicians are eager to get your service up and running again.

If the power goes out at home, your first move is to look out the window to see if your neighbor’s power is out or not. If your electricity is out but your neighbors is not, it’s important to stay calm and act quickly. Regardless of what time of day it is or what kind of problem you have, Future Connections is ready to respond quickly and efficiently. 

General contractors rely on their subcontractors to provide great work efficiently and on schedule, and electrical contractors are no exception. Future Connection Electrical has several years’  experience in providing mastery when it comes to electrical contracting for the Raleigh area. Whether the job is residential, commercial, or industrial, Future Connections is ready to help make your life easier. 

Whether you’re planning to sell your property and want to upgrade your current system, or just relocated into a new house and would like to make changes to the already-existing wiring systems, it’s time to consider your Raleigh electrical contractors. 

Our fully licensed electrical technicians leverage their expertise and knowledge with the changes you want and the current state of your wiring to create an electrical system that fits your needs. New light switches, wiring remodels, new electrical panels, and even installing new chandeliers and light fixtures are easily achieved when you contact us.

By having data wiring installed, ongoing changes and upgrades are done more efficiently. This will reduce overall costs as well as the cabling bulk and congestion. When you have an organized and planned infrastructure, it allows for fewer wires running in all different directions. The reduced congestion improves airflow and decreases the changes for blocked airflow and crushed cables, which could result in electrical difficulty. 

Improving your data wiring system can have a huge impact on productivity and possible downtime. When you need a professional to reorganize your wiring, Future Connections Electrical should be the first electrician you call. All of our technicians are well-versed in a variety of electrical problems and how they present in your wiring.

The usability and safety of your electrical system are the most vital thing we can provide for you, and our goal is to pinpoint the problem quickly and resolve it safely.

As many of us know, technology is always briskly changing. With the average lifespan of homes being 35 years or more, your house might not be as up-to-date as you may think. Modernizing your electrical panel could be a simple and painless way to prevent today’s appliances and gadgets from overloading and weighing down the electrical system of your older home.

Your electrical panel provides electricity to all of your well-used gadgets and appliances throughout your home and business. The service panel receives power from your utility company and distributes it to all your devices. Having an up-to-date and well-functioning panel is the key to having a safe business or home.

The electrical panel is the nucleus of your electrical system. Your panel dictates how much power is available for the circuits to allocate to the appliances, lights, and outlets throughout your home. Here are some danger signs that indicate your electrical panel needs to be updated:

  • Your circuit breakers trip routinely
  • Your lights dim when you turn on other instruments
  • You have to use an extension cord or adapters to create additional electric outlets

If you need to have your electrical panel upgraded, contact Future Connections Electrical. Our fully licensed electricians and technicians are ready and able to upgrade your electrical panel. Safety standards change over time, so it’s important to ensure that your home is up-to-date. 

There are three important benefits of upgrading your electrical panel:

  1. Future-proof your electrical system. An electrical panel upgrade gives you the options to add bigger and better appliances or an addition to your home requiring more outlets without the fear of overloading your panel or draining your electrical system.
  2. Better overall electrical performance. With an up-to-date panel, you will have a more consistent energy supply throughout your home.
  3. Better electrical safety. An overloaded panel can result in a major fire hazard and cost you thousands in repairs.

Losing power always comes at the most inconvenient time. You never know when a colossal storm will hit and take out your power or if your area will have a power shortage. At Future Connections, we understand the importance of having power all the time in both your home and business and will ensure that in the event of a power outage, your generator is capable of supplying a sufficient amount of energy to keep things up-and-running.

Standby generators offer a solution to long-lasting power outages. They provide uninterrupted backup power for days, unlike portable generators. Once the system detects that you have been disconnected from your utility grid, the generator starts up and transfers its power to the home’s electrical panel automatically. These generators can run on natural gas, liquid propane, or even diesel.

When municipal power resumes, the switch shuts down the generator and reconnects your house or business to the grid. You will never have to worry about dangerous weather affecting your power supply.

Currently, our lives revolve around being connected to power. When you think about a power outage, you may think the only consequence is the inconvenience of having to live without power for a few days. A blackout, however, can also result in costing you thousands in home repairs.

We will not leave you alone in the dark. We are very experienced in whole house generator maintenance and service, and we will make certain that your generator is in great working shape the next time a huge storm blows through.

 The electrical power plant distributes electricity across the power grid, boosted along the way by transformers to a substation. When a breaker is in the “on” position in your circuit breaker box, electricity is flowing through the wires in your home to each appliance, fixture, and outlet.    Some people may not know that appropriate permits need to be “pulled”, inspections need to be completed and the work needs to be approved by the local municipality’s electrical inspectors.

Our Raleigh residential and commercial electricians are experienced with many different circuit wiring services including installing electrical circuit panels/boxes, fuses and breakers, wall switches, hanging fixtures, and dimmers, outlets, GFCI outlets and arc-fault circuit interrupters, electrical car wiring and circuits, chandeliers and ceiling fans, dryer and store outlets and circuits, underground and damp wiring, LEd lighting, and more.

Please keep in mind, electrical wiring should only be done by experienced and well-versed electricians. Even if it seems like an effortless fix, faulty wiring can result in blown fuses, electrical damage, and house fires.

Whether you need a new light switch or an electrical panel, we would love to help you with all of your electrical needs. Even if you have experience taking on small electrical projects, it is recommended that you consult with a well-versed professional to remain safe and hazard-free. 

As we are so connected to our phones, tablets, and devices, the proper home wiring is even more important than ever before. Make sure that you are properly connected by using a trusted electrical company that will get the job done right the first time. 

Additional Raleigh Electrical Services

electrician raleighIn addition to our exceptional electrician services, Future Connections Electrical is proud to offer several additional services to our customers. Lighting services, thermal imaging, and meter repair are just a few of the wide variety of electrician services that Future Connections can provide to you in addition to traditional electrical services.

Lighting can be used to contribute several benefits, as well as refine the aesthetic of your home or business, both indoors and outdoors. A lighting upgrade will not only give your lighting an updated look but can also save you money on annual electricity bills. We collaborate with you to design and plan the right lighting for you, based on your desired look and goals.

You may want a lighting design and installation wizard from Future Connections Electrical in order to have a more aesthetically-pleasing landscape, illuminate the inside of your home, increase indoor and outdoor security, add accent lighting, or to upgrade old and out-of-date lighting.

Your yard along with anything else outside of your home is the first thing people see. Decorative landscaping lights can give your home that welcoming, refined look or that cozy charm you wish. 

Landscape lights can offer much more than just illumination.  They can exude your personality and warm welcome with the appropriate wattage, color, and spacing.

Some of the benefits of LED lighting include having a longer life than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, being exposed to no toxic chemicals, enjoying approximately 75% less energy consumption, intimate control of color, distribution, and light, taking advantage of mood-dimming options, not worrying about UV emissions distractions, and tax deductions for commercial buildings. These lights are multi-functional and have become trendy for both indoor and outdoor use in homes and businesses. Common LED lighting upgrades include parking garage lighting, warehouse lighting, florescent tube replacement, holiday lighting. lamp and fixture bulb replacement, under cabinet lighting in kitchens and garages, and, lastly, lighting for outdoor areas.  

LED retrofits have many benefits including energy savings, possibly tax incentives, better quality of light, and more eco-friendly. Retrofits of homes or businesses, on average, see energy savings of between 35 – 55% and sometimes as high as 90%, especially when replacing high-intensity discharge lighting. Start saving money now with a retrofit!

When you are looking into an HOA sign, one of the most important things to consider is cost. One of the biggest concerns most people have is that LED lights are blueish and they are not warm and welcoming. However, there have been huge advancements in LED lighting in the past few years, where now LED lighting can offer the same benefits as halogen– warm colors. Talk with your HOA today to learn how LED  HOA lighting can enrich your community’s look and feel. 

In a parking area, lighting is imperative for safety and security. It helps to prevent crime and enables people to feel safe in the area. If your parking area was created over 10 years ago, chances are that it’s outdated.

  •  A handful of fundamental lighting design questions to ask yourself would be:
    • How bright is the light?
    • How consistent is the lighting?
    • How consistent is the lighting?
    • Does the lighting render colors?
    • Is the lighting system energy efficient?
    • How long does the lighting last?

Severe weather, floods,  and fires can impede your electrical service in serious and often harmful ways. Do not try to manage any of these situations on your own.  Call for immediate assistance. If the storm took down prime power lines, your local electricity company is responsible for reconnecting those power lines, not you!

raleigh electric car charging installationIf you drive an electric car, you know the frustration of finding electric car charging stations around Raleigh and surrounding areas. You also understand the convenience of having an electric car charging station at your home. We specialize in installing charging stations at your home for your electric car and would love to be of help! We will examine your electrical panel and ensure the available power is there and accessible.  We will make sure that your electrical panel can handle the electricity your new car charger demands. When it comes time to install your charger, we’ll install the required breaker and circuit as well as the car charger on the wall.   When everything is finished, you can start charging whenever you wish. 

Transfer switches are electrical switches that fluctuate the load between multiple sources of power. Most commonly, this is between city power and a generator for when the power goes out. In places where storms are frequent, many homes come equipt with permanent,  built-in power generators. There are two types of service switches: automatic and manual.

An automatic switch will automatically switch to an alternate power source whereas a manual switch will require someone to switch to the alternate power source. A subpanel is a waypoint between the main panel and other circuits that are located further down the line.

We design and install commercial lighting, security systems, signage lighting, and provide expert electrical work on commercial office buildings, medical buildings, banks, military establishments, retail spaces, car dealerships, restaurants, and industrial buildings. Commercial up-fits can optimize and increase the functionality and overall aesthetics of your commercial space.

Our energy efficiency professionals will review your lighting and outlets, check the functionality of your thermostat, review your heating and cooling systems including the sealing of ductwork, review your appliances for age and efficiency, use thermal imaging to find hot spots, faulty wires, and other risk occurrences, and more. Energy efficiency is often overlooked and we would love to help clarify any question you may have. 

If you begin hearing weird noises or the smell of burnt plastic around your main service panel, call a professional as soon as possible.  Many older panels, no longer produced for the public due to safety issues, are still in use in older homes and could pose an enormous safety risk. Have us examine the panel and assess possible hot spots with modern technology.  Replacing the main service panel is much less costly than replacing your entire home and as well as its contents.

Raleigh Electrician By the use of thermal imaging, we can help you uncover and minimize the heat loss that comes from poor design, construction or insulation in your home or commercial building, which ends up costing you more on utility bills and in comfort than you may initially realize. 

Thermal imaging can also serve as a preventative measure. It can help us find issues that could be dangerous to you and your home such as loose and overheating circuit connections, motor issues, and hot spots. 

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