These days, it seems like everyone has multiple technological devices – phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Because we are charging so many devices, outlets can easily get crowded. Even if there are enough outlets to go around, phones and other devices require some of the most inconvenient charging contraptions with multiple pieces.

At Future Connections Electrical, we recommend decluttering your home by upgrading some of your outlets to USB combo outlets.

What is a USB Combo Outlet?

USB combo outlets look just like your regular three-prong double outlets, but they also have spaces for USB cords to be plugged straight into the wall. With these outlets, you can plug in your phones, tablets, and other items that usually require a USB adapter. Also, with the right amperage, these outlets can charge your devices faster than a regular charger and adapter would.

How/Where to Get Them

A variety of manufacturers now produce USB combo outlets. They come in several different combinations. There are some combo outlets that have two regular outlets and two USBs, and some that only have USB outlets and no regular outlets. At Future Connections Electrical, our Raleigh electricians are here to help you decide which combo outlet would best fit your needs.

These outlets are also becoming increasingly less expensive because of their growing popularity. Most are priced at around $25, but some models as cheap as $10. Our Future Connections electricians can help you find the right model of USB combo outlets and help you figure out the best place to put them in your Raleigh home.

Making Sure It Fits in Your Home

One thing you should consider when adding these new electrical outlets is the age of your home. Because these outlets eliminate the need for adapters, they use up a little bit more space behind your wall to convert the power. They are usually about twice as deep as regular outlets, so if you have an older home and/or thinner walls, this is something you may need to keep in mind before installing USB combo outlets.

Contact Future Connections Electrical

If you are unsure whether or not a USB combo outlet would be beneficial to your home, or you have other questions/concerns, contact our Raleigh electricians today. Our electricians are available 24/7 to help you with anything you may need. Call us today at 919-854-1556(919) 854-1556 or by filling out our contact form.