electrical outlets raleigh electricianIt can be easy to get complacent about doing basic safety checks around your home. Everyone is guilty of plugging in an appliance, a lamp, or electronics and simply expecting the power to be there. We’re so eager for the convenience of electricity that it’s pretty common to find a power strip plugged into one outlet with close to a dozen devices and appliances plugged into it.
However, you’ve likely gone to plug in a power strip, lamp, or any other device and found the outlet warm to the touch.

There’s no need to panic, but you shouldn’t ignore a warm outlet either. An outlet that’s hot to the touch could mean that several things, but it does always mean that something is wrong. Warm outlets are the symptom of something else that’s going on, and to be certain of what’s wrong and how to fix it you should call your Raleigh electrician to diagnose the problem. In the meanwhile, it might be one of the following problems:

The Outlet is Overloaded

There could be too many things plugged into the outlet, especially if there’s a power strip or an outlet multiplier. This is drawing too much power from the outlet, so unplugging a few items and plugging them into other outlets could solve your problem.

The Charger or Device is Using Too Much Power

If a charger or device cord is damaged or defective, it could be drawing too much power from the outlet. Unplug the device and leave the outlet alone for a few hours to see if it cools down. If the outlet does cool down, try changing the charger or cord.

Bad or Damaged Wiring

Over time wiring and terminals can become loose or frayed, or this could be the result of some physical activity on either side of the wall. Loose terminals will generate more heat when current is running through them and could potentially cause damage if not fixed urgently.

The Circuit is Overburdened

If your house is older, there might be an outdated wiring design in your home. Too much power could be going to one outlet while too little going to another could result in an outlet becoming warm. You’ll need to call your electrician to do an audit of the circuits in your home and to possibly rewire the house.

The Wrong Size Breaker or Fuse is Installed

Again, if your home is older, this can cause issues with the wiring. The current wiring design of your house might outdated, not up to code, or too old to properly keep up with the load of today’s technology-focused society. Discuss the situation with your electrical contractor, as it might be time to fully update your home’s wiring.

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