electricians raleighDo-It-Yourself work is often very admirable. As a homeowner or property manager, it can be rewarding to learn and figure out how to fix, install, or patch something as it breaks. The pleasure of working with your hands has been supported by hardware stores, books, and thousands of YouTube videos all ready to show you how to do something for yourself. However, almost none of these resources should apply to electrical work.

Often the main objective behind DIY repairs is to save money, but when it comes to electrical work, attempting to save money by doing it yourself can have big consequences. While some simple electrical work can be completed by homeowners, the work still needs to be certified and registered, and you will be required to prove that you are a competent person who has carried out the work properly.

In addition to the paperwork you’ll be required to provide certifying and registering your work, here are three very good reasons not to attempt to be your own electrician:

Electrical Fires and Destruction of Property

Old wiring is not the only cause of electrical fires. Wiring that has been improperly completed or poorly completed can result in costly fire damage to your home, fixtures, or appliances, or even result in complete destruction of your property or the structure. This is not the sort of work that insurance will cover either – any damage caused to the property due to your faulty wiring you are fully liable for the full amount.

Electrical Shock or Electrocution

There is an enormous amount of certification that electricians must go through before being licensed to work on homes or commercial buildings, and there is an electrical code that their work has to meet – this is because of how dangerous electrical wiring is to a person’s body. Burns, electrical shocks that lead to seizures or cardiac arrest, and even death by electrocution are very possible when you attempt to do your own electrical work without being certified.

It’ll Cost You More

Supposing that your DIY work doesn’t burn the building down or seriously injure yourself or someone near you, this doesn’t mean that you’ll actually save money. Often amateur electrical work can result in fried circuits or outlets that don’t work, not to mention the expense you’ll incur for the certification. Hiring a qualified electrician will actually save you money in the long run, not just in repair bills, but hospitals and insurance bills too.

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