As technology is always advancing, and “living green” has become the trend of the future, LED lighting has become continuously popular in both residential and commercial settings. So is it worth switching to LED lighting in your home or business? Here are 10 benefits of using LED lights over regular bulbs.

Benefits of LED lighting

  1. Efficiency – LED lights use up to 90% less power than regular incandescent light bulbs, making them extremely energy efficient.
  2. Longer Life – LED bulbs burn more than 17 times longer than incandescent bulbs and more than 3.5 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.
  3. Safety – If you’ve ever been burned by a hot light bulb when trying to change it, you’ll appreciate LED lighting. By generating close to no heat, they are cool to the touch even after being on for hours, making them safer for everyone.
  4. Durability – Unlike a standard incandescent bulbs, LED’s are built with durable materials that can survive tough weather conditions and handling.
  5. Brighter Colors – LED’s are offered in base colors liked red, blue, green, and amber and can make millions of colors when blended together. Incandescent bulbs have to use filters to produce color, which make them very inefficient.
  6. Low-Voltage – When powering LED lighting, a low-voltage power supply will work just fine. This makes it easy to use LED lighting in outdoor settings.
  7. UV-Free – LED lights produce very little infrared light with no UV emissions. LED lights are perfect for museums or galleries because they can light UV sensitive objects or materials.
  8. Eco Friendly – LED lights are known for being “green” because they are made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled once they burn out.
  9. Dispersement – Light from LED can be focused without an exterior reflector. With well-designed LED’s you can deliver more, higher efficiency lighting to your specific targeted area.
  10. Multi-Purpose – LED’s have become the go-to lighting for a variety of industries like residential use, traffic lights, gaming, architecture, broadcasting and more.

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